Bridging Cultures, Building Business


Insights & Expertise

The US and China represent the two largest economies in the world, but due to language and cultural barriers, many who have tried to bridge these markets have been met with frustrations due to misunderstanding the unique intricacies of these two very different markets, often with disastrous results. 

We have a group of international business experts with the experience, talent, expertise and a proven track record to help your firm overcome language and cultural obstacles, and enter or expand the international marketplace.

Best Practices

Business best practice methodologies gathered from the preeminent minds in finance, accounting, sales and organizational leadership. We provide:

  • Market research reports
  • Risk management plan
  • Accounting and financial services


Business Connection

Open new overseas markets through strategic business partner alignment. We strategize and assist with:

  • Entering international markets
  • Finding strategic partners
  • Establishing distribution channels


Account Representation

We will work with your firm to execute the plan. We understand the uncertainties you face when entering new markets, and we exercise due diligence and apply our expertise to represent your firm to negotiate deals and find cost-effective solutions.


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